Beauty is Everywhere and in Everything

Ive spent a lot of time over the last year thinking a lot about how grateful I am. This practice has come in handy several times over the sharp peaks and valleys of 2018. I have tried hard to find the beauty in “everywhere and everything”.

With the horses its just easy. They are so stunning to look at. They have such generous dispositions. I find myself rapt when they trot off marveling at how they move out freely in the field. The heron who makes his daily appearance just makes my heart sing. His approach into the pond here on the farm is such a beautiful sight. I hope to catch it on video one of these days. The herd of deer that lives on the edges of the field that surround that farm are such a welcome group of visitors in the late afternoon. They have become so comfortable with the daily riding routine. Its as if they are part of our whole training program here, now.

It is so easy to list these things. They are almost always top of mind.

But, then, shit can go sideways.

Ive completely changed my life in the last year and a half. So much has been amazing and exactly the right thing. But, I didn’t anticipate the parts that would be unbelievably trying.

As I continue to charge ahead, I find some old patterns that I still need to change. And, yet, I am trying to approach them differently.

I am allowed to feel what I am feeling.

I have realized that while gratitude is essential to my well being, I sometimes minimize and dismiss how I am feeling. This is something I am working on changing by admitting when things feel hard and I feel scared and overwhelmed.

I don’t always have to be productive.

Rest has proven to be a useful strategy. I have to constantly remind myself that “pushing through” isn’t always the right answer.

I am not alone.

I am most convinced of this when I take a risk and share. Even if someone cant relate to the exact thing I am going through, they are always caring and glad to offer what form of support they can.

This last bit of frigid January has, once again, reminded me to take a minute and look at the beauty that is everywhere. Whether I see it or feel it, I am constantly reminded that it is here for me, in its many forms, to experience.

Id love to know what ways you experience beauty and how it enhances your life!

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