What can I learn form a horse ?


Working with a horse can help uncover exactly how you lead. How you set your intentions. How you falter and how you don't. Horses allow you to take inventory and expose assets and liabilities, without judgement.




What can a horse teach me ?

Sometimes we don't know our own patterns and obstacles to success. Working with horses can bring these behaviors to light in a way that a conversation with a team or peer never can. The horses help reveal hidden challenges and help us make plans for future action. In this training we do the pre work of taking the Tilt360 test in order to help us have rich information to unpack in our time together. We will be supported by guest facilitator, Dr. Paula Berardinelli, a PhD in education who has committed herself to supporting folks in the pursuit of lifelong learning. 



How can a horse help me reach my goals?


Horses respond directly to the cues we give them; both verbal and non-vebal. We'll teach you how to integrate the insights gained from the horses into your daily intentions and help you reach your bigger goals: the personal and the professional.