I am an entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years, I have led teams in my own business and have had the pleasure of helping people develop themselves both professionally and personally. I have experienced the joy of success and the difficulty of expensive mistakes. In 2017 I decided to leave my career in hairdressing while at the top of my game. Both my heart and my body longed for a change. In 2017 Sincerus was born. Over the last 18 months, I have developed a curriculum to support entrepreneurs to experience what self awareness, acceptance, and, compassion can do for them AND their business. My system has been born from the lessons of the horses I have the privilege of having in my life along with some sage training from Danielle Laporte as a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator and Seth Godin as a Graduate of AltMBA 19.

Sincerus Consulting is a one on one coaching model that meets you where you are. Contracts can be developed based on immediate need (new ownership of a business, brand change, culture development) or for longer terms in order to realize organizational change that has a chance to grow roots. Whichever dynamic applies, we can develop a framework that is customized to you and your unique circumstances.

The next step is to contact Sincerus to talk about a plan. I want to know how I can best serve you and your needs so that you can be on the path to success that you imagine for yourself. helen@sincerusleadership.com